Opera Nationala Romana, Cluj Napoca, 9 noiembrie 2018
Circul Metropolitan Bucuresti, Bucuresti, 11 noiembrie 2018


A World Never Seen Before

A Music Never Heard Before

Awaken All Your Five Senses!

Pure energy meets spiritual high.

★★★★★- The Scotsman

Yamato’s Creativity and Innovation Conquer Theatres around the World

A group of dozens of players start their performance by hitting a Japanese taiko drum made from a large 400 year-old tree. They move their whole bodies to strike the drum with everything in their souls, creating a powerful surge of energy. Their live performances are so full of intensity that they make people's bodies jump and their hearts race faster. Audiences are overwhelmed by the beat of the music, as their bodies are uplifted in sync with the powerful sounds. This group, from beautiful Nara Prefecture in Japan, is able to exhibit great originality and innovation through this traditional Japanese musical instrument, the wadaiko (Japanese drum). This is the epitome of the Japanese spirit, a roaring sound that will make you experience new exciting adventures.

YAMATO keep challenging to the possibility of us.

We continue challenging ourselves to achieve our potential. The members of YAMATO are always the Challengers. Like as you are challenging to your life today.

“The Challengers”

People challenge themselves every day.

Under the sky, on the ground,

They keep moving forwards with hope and dreams in their hearts.

Sometimes, they are alone. Sometimes, they are hand in hand with someone. In pouring rain, in approaching darkness, 

We gather all our courage and challenge our unpredictable lives.

Eventually the sun rises in the distant cloudless sky.

The beat of our hearts in our bodies faces the sunrise.

Our continuous challenge.

The source of our energy. 

Feel the uninterrupted vibration of the beat throughout our bodies.

We will never lose.


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