Opening Otherness
Opening Otherness
Teatrul INFINIT, Str. Mihai Eminescu nr. 127, Bucuresti
20 mai 2022, Ora 19:30

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What is otherness?
Devised from real stories interviewed by artists from different parts of the world who endure the struggles or conflicts of being an outcast. The director found solace through puppetry and storytelling to shine light on these experiences, sharing with the audience a glimpse into the perspective of the other.
International Encyclopedia of Human Geography 2008 Edition by Elsevier reads:
Other: member of a dominated out-group, whose identity is considered lacking and who may be subject to discrimination by the in-group Othering: transforming a difference into otherness so as to create an in- group and an out- group
Otherness: characteristic of the Other
In-group: a group to which the speaker, the person spoken of, etc. belongs
Out-group: a group to which the speaker, person spoken of, etc. does not belong
Over the course of two months, this show was developed with a group of performers in Bucharest, Romania exploring this ideology to define the meaning for themselves. How can we appreciate and give gratitude to those who fall into the category of other? What does it mean in our present time to be other?
Mike Savuica, Producer
Iulia Farcas, Writer
Dan Boldea, Dramaturge
Analia Lentini, Music Composer
Cilem Turkoz, Scenic Designer
Madison Weinhoffer, Puppet Designer
Chad-lee Brown, Graphic Designer
Alis Nină
Claudia Moroșanu
Alexandru Tihoan
Ichim Irina
Andreea Rogoveanu
Andra Brebu
Teodora Vasu
Cătălina Tudorache
Lavinia Călinescu
Alexandru Cruceru
Radu Ureche
Lorena Luchian
Alessandra Petroșca
Nicoleta Marica
Oscar the Puppet
Jazmine Reynoso Director
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